Debt Review & Lower Monthly Instalments

What is Debt Review?

Debt review is a way to get back in control of your finances.  It’s a legal process designed for South Africans who are struggling to keep up with their monthly payments.

Debt Review Procedure

You reach out to a trusted debt counsellor: Companies like WY Debt, which are NCR-accredited, specialise in helping people with their debt.

We assess your situation: You’ll have a no-obligation chat where they look at how much you earn, what you owe, and your overall expenses.

We negotiate with your creditors: If you qualify for debt review, the experts at WY Debt get to work. They’ll talk to the banks, stores, and anyone else you owe money to, aiming to get your payments lowered and interest rates reduced.

You get a new, manageable payment plan: You won’t have to juggle multiple payments anymore. Instead, you’ll pay one affordable amount each month, designed to fit your budget. This plan will also work to protect your valuable assets, like your car or house.

The court gives its stamp of approval: This new payment plan becomes official, giving you legal protection from creditors while you work to pay off your debt.

Why Should I Consider Debt Review?

Breathe easier with lower payments

Say goodbye to sleepless nights over bills. Debt review can help make your payments more realistic for your situation.

Keep your hard-earned stuff

Avoid the stress of having your car or house repossessed. Debt review can help you keep what’s yours.

Get back on track

Stop feeling overwhelmed. Debt review gives you a clear path to get out of debt and start building a brighter financial future.

Why Choose WY Debt?

We’re government-approved

The NCR trusts us to do things right, so you can too.

We get it

South Africans helping South Africans. We understand how difficult debt can be.

Focus on you

We fight to protect you and your things throughout the process. Is Debt Review Right For You? Let’s Find Out!

Peace of mind

We create personalised plans to fit your income and needs.

WY Debt offers a free debt assessment.  It’s simple, confidential,  and there’s absolutely no obligation to proceed. Our friendly consultants will explain everything and help you figure out if debt review is the solution you need.

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